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Shipping your gear to Studio Electronics for servicing
    Service Request

    About half of the gear we service is shipped to us by out of town and overseas clients, so we have tried to make the procedure for this as quick and easy as possible. If you would like to send us gear for servicing, here are a few guidelines and suggestions.

  • We do not require an RA number or advance payment. You are welcome to email or call (818-843-7981) to give us a heads up or go over costs or other questions before shipping, but it is not necessary.

  • We don't service Lexicon gear, semi-pro and consumer audio equipment, microphones, analog and digital recorders, power amps, hi-fi gear, or video equipment.

  • Our UREI and AMS pages show typical prices for servicing. For other gear, you can call or email us for a preliminary estimate. Generally, the minimum price for repair of rack gear is $250.00, plus return shipping. Digital gear is usually more expensive. In most cases we will want to replace electrolytic capacitors in the power supply. In many cases, to assure reliability, we wlll need to replace all the electrolytics in the unit.

  • All gear shipped to us for service is subject to a minimum $75 fee, to cover unpacking, initial tests, evaluation, etc. If you decline the repair, this fee, plus return shipping costs, will apply. For complex repair jobs, the cost may be higher. The minimum fee will appear on your estimate.

  • Please either email a Service Request Form
    print and fill out the attached Service Request Form , and include it with your shipment to us.

  • AMS Agreement
  • For AMS repairs, we also need a completed copy of the AMS Service Costs and Customer Agreement Form. If you are sending an AMS piece for repair, please read, print and complete this form, and submit it along with the Service Request Form. If you are outside the U.S., please see our Overseas AMS Agreement Form.

  • Be sure to pack your gear very carefully. For standard 19-inch rack mount gear, the carton should be at least 23 inches wide, to allow at least 2 inches of cushioning on each side. It is very important to protect the area around the rack ears so that they can not cut through the carton and expose the unit to damage. If your carton is undersized or single-wall, we will use new packing materials for return shipping and add those materials to your invoice.

  • Customers in North America usually ship to us by Fedex or UPS. Shipping by post office is fine, but please use a service with a tracking number. If you are shipping from Europe, post office service is usually cheaper than Fedex or UPS. Ship your item to:

  • Studio Electronics 3727 W. Magnolia Ave., #410 Burbank, CA 91505

    Overseas AMS Agreement

    After we receive your shipment

  • After we receive your shipment, we will email you an estimate by email. If after starting on the unit we find that additional work is required, we will contact you with a revised estimate.

  • Most equipment is repaired within two to four weeks of receipt. AMS gear and certain other pieces require an additional one week burn in test after servicing.

  • Upon completion of the job, we will email you a final invoice, including packing, packing materials (if needed), and return shipping costs. We accept most forms of payment; credit cards, Paypal, bank transfer, money order, cashier's check. (In some cases we'll accept checks from out of town clients.)

  • Once payment is made, we will ship your gear back quickly - usually within 24 hours. For North American customers, we usually ship by Fedex ground. We can charge the shipping costs to your bill, or to your own Fedex account. If your original carton was damaged in shipping, or we feel it is unsafe, we will use our own packing materials, at an additional charge.

  • Repair labor and materials are guaranteed for 60 days. Repair returns are very rare, but if something does go wrong, we will get you taken care of as quickly as possible.

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