74 TTL Logic IC's

74 TTL Logic IC's

The 7400 series were the first TTL logic family to achieve widespread use. They have 10 ns gate delay, 10 mW dissipation, and operate on 4.75–5.25 VDC. This group was first manufactured in 1966. Most of these devices are now discontinued.

These 74 series listings are standard DIP IC's. Most packages are 14 and 16 pins, but some devices are larger.

Be aware that in some cases the same IC family used two different prefixes. (For example, 4001 and MC14001 are the same CMOS logic chip. LM741 and 741 are the same opamp, and 2SB560 and B560 are the same transistor.) In cases like this we’ve added notes to the subcategory pages but when you search, be aware that the part number on a schematic or on a part might be listed in a slightly different way on our store.

• Part number suffixes can also differ for items that are functionally identical. Usually these suffixes identify the package material of a part, not its internal circuitry or specs. Some manufacturers use “P” at the end of a part number to indicate plastic packaging, while others use “N”. “B” at the end of a part number can refer to a ceramic package. The suffix in a part number is rarely a concern and most experienced technicians ignore them when replacing parts. To avoid confusion, we’ve listed most parts with no suffix, even if one is marked on the package. Almost all IC’s have plastic packages and unless otherwise specified, the buyer can assume that an IC is the standard black plastic type. We’ve ignored package material designations in almost all our listings.

• In almost all cases, our parts are listed by their basic, generic part number.

• Most of these listings have no individual photos, but do indicate package type. In almost all cases our generic part number will be enough to match the part you need, but to confirm a correct match, click on the listing and check the package type in Overview section.

• About 90% of these items are from major manufacturers like Texas Instruments, Motorola, Dallas, Fairchild, Hitachi, National, NEC, etc., but some are unbranded or from minor manufacturers. All parts are unused and fully guaranteed. Some older parts show age from long-term storage, but this will not affect proper operation. None of our parts are counterfeit or B stock.

• You can always use the search box to find a specific part, but it's best to use the basic, generic part number, with no prefix or suffix.

• If you can’t find what you need, please ask. Contact us.

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