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New and used parts for Neve modules and consoles

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SKU: Dialstat.4PDT
NOS 4PDT Latching Dialstat Switch for Neve Consoles and Modules.
NOS Dialstat Interlocking Switch Assembly W/ 2-Pole, 4-Pole, 6-Pole Switches For Neve Consoles, Modules.
NOS Neve 2PDT Dialstat Switch for Neve Consoles and Modules.
SKU: 3703
New Elma Burgundy Marconi Type Skirted Knob For Neve 1073 1080 1081 Etc. KM
SKU: Neve.18.male
Neve Original 18-pin Male Edge Connector For Module Mixer Etc. Good Condition.
SKU: 8816.test.cables
Lot Of TWO Neve 8816 Test Cables For Power Supply Measurement & Service.
SKU: 6594
Neve Impedance Select Toggle Switch For 1073, 1084 Modules, Etc.
SKU: neve.od.switch
Neve Console 8-Position 2 Pole "OD" Switch Assembly Bar, For Parts Or Repair.
SKU: neve.rot.pot.assembly
Neve Rotary Switch & Pot Assembly, 10k Linear Pot + 1-Pole 6-Position Rotary Switch. Used but appears to be in good condition. Guaranteed.
SKU: Neve.15.conn
TWO 15-Pin Female Edge Connectors For Neve Modules, Amphenol P/N 143-015-01.
SKU: Neve.15.conn.pcb
TWO API 15-Pin Female Edge Connector Adapters w/PCB For API & Neve Modules.
SKU: 3607
"10 ""Catherine Wheels"" for Neve 81xx 82xx 51 & V Series Knobs."
SKU: 3704
New Neve Capricorn 11556/A Anti Alias Filter B PCB NE
SKU: 3700
Neve Capricorn AX94102 M951700 O/P Hybrid Line Driver NE
SKU: EK20049
NOS Dual Concentric 3-Pole 6-Pos Non-Shorting Rotary Switch For Neve 1081 Etc.