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SKU: B11178B
Cinemag B11178B Input Transformer for all UREI UA LA-3A, 2-LA-2, 4-40 Studs.
SKU: UREI.15.13060
Used UREI 10K Long Pot for 539 EQ etc P/N 15-13060.
SKU: used.LA3A.input
Used Orignal B11178B Input Transformer for all UREI UA LA-3A, 4-40 Studs. UU
SKU: 30.0025.r
New Replacement Red Pilot Lamp Jewel For US Gear, P/N 30-0025.
SKU: CM2511
New Cinemag CM-2511 Input Transformer for DIY LA-3A, With Mounting Screws.
SKU: 30.0025.w
Lot 40 Pieces, White Pilot Lamp Jewel For UA And Other Gear, P/N 30-0025. Includes mounting hardware.
SKU: 1620.knobs.125
Full Set 24 New UREI 1620 Mixer Black & Silver Replacement Knobs (1/8" EQ SIze).
SKU: Nak.belt
NOS C 80034 Belt For Nakamichi Cassette Decks Etc.
SKU: UREI.11479
NOS Original UREI Power Transformer P/N 16-14469.
UREI LA-4, Recapped Cal’d Refurb'd Serviced New Opto Cells, w/XLR's. Work Great!
SKU: LA2A.gray.ears
TWO New Painted Gray Rack Ears For All UREI UA Teletronix LA-2A Limiters.
Exact replacement 2k audio taper pot, for all UREI and UA 1176LN models.
SKU: LA2A.silver.ears
TWO Silver Grained Rack Ears For Early UREI UA Teletronix LA-2A Limiters.
SKU: LA2A.photoresistors
Pair Replacement Matched/Tested Photocell Photoresistors, LA-2A LA-3A T4 T4B.
SKU: 10k.Bourns.lockpot
"New Bourns 10K Linear Plastic Conductive Slotted Shaft Potentiometer, 3/8"" Bushing. "
SKU: urei.outer.concen.knobs
This is a set of 2 exact replacement outer concentric knobs for the UREI LA-4.
SKU: 12261
Used UREI 12261 Power Transformer For 1178 And Other UREI Models, Guaranteed.
SKU: LA3A.10k.lockpot
Bourns 10K Linear Slotted Stereo Adjust Pot For All UREI, UA LA-3A Versions
Used UREI 11147 Power Transformer, For UREI LA-3A And Other Models.
SKU: 15.13061
Used UREI Dual 50K Long Pot for 539 EQ etc P/N 15-13061.