Sony/MCI JH-24 Recorder Parts

Sony/MCI JH-24 Recorder Parts
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SKU: dancer.tension.arm
Used Supply Reel Dancer Tension Arm Assembly for Sony MCI JH-24, Good Condition.
SKU: AL.panel
Autolocator, Remote Panel for MCI Sony JH-16 JH-24.
SKU: metal.shield.capstan
For sale is a metal shield for the Sony MCI JH-24 Capstan Motor.
SKU: 3670
JH-24 panel with 2 30-pin Female Tuchel Conn's & cables JM
SKU: JH24.capstan
"Sony MCI JH-24 2"" Capstan Motor, Clean, Runs Smoothly, Good Condition. "
SKU: jh24.remote.dolby.panel
Sony MCI JH-24 Remote / Dolby Panel with Tuchel. Includes female 30-pin Tuchel connector with mounting hardware, and 10 pin female cinch connector. Item has some wear and corrosion.
SKU: 2.jh24.rlr.gde
"Used Left Side 2"" Roller Guide For MCI Sony JH-24 Recorder, Turns Smoothly."