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SKU: PJ777
Unused ADC PJ777 TT Tiny Telephone TRS Plug With Black Shell
Bag of 100 New DL Cannon crimp Type Pins (Contacts) for multipin DL connectors as used on SSL consoles and other pro audio equipment.
SKU: Beau.38720.6206
Beau/Molex 38720-6206 6 Circuit Screw Type PC Bottom Barrier/Terminal Strip.
SKU: CN220214.Honda
New 20-Pin Male MR-20LW MR-20M Honda CN220214 Connector.
SKU: 7510
NOS 20-Pin Female Honda Connector w/Hood For Otari, Etc.
Corcon 2EDL1S IEC Power Entry Module w/Switch, 3AG Fuseholder, RF Filter.
"New Bagged Neutrik NP2X-B 1/4"" Gold TRS Black Shell Connector."
"FOUR New Bagged Neutrik NP3TB-R 1/4"" Longframe TRS Red Shell Connectors. "
"New Bagged Neutrik NP3C 1/4"" Stereo TRS Black Shell Connector. "
Lot of 106 Switchcraft TT Tiny Telephone Plugs & Parts As Is.
SKU: neutrik.nc4mdlx
Lot Of FOUR New Neutrik NC4MD-LX-B 4-Pin Male Gold Black Panel Connectors.
SKU: NC3FB1.x10
Lot Of 10 Unused NOS Neutrik NC3FP-B-1 Gold / Black Female XLR Panel Connectors.
SKU: TT253
Unused Switchcraft TT253 TT Tiny Telephone TRS Plug With Black Shell.
SKU: neutrik.nc7fd
1 Neutrik NC7FD-1 7-Pin Female XLR Panel Mount Connector.
SKU: dl.96pin.female
FIVE New 96 Pin Female Panel Mount DL Connectors For SSL Consoles, Etc. We can include crimp pins at additional charge, just ask.
SKU: 97-3057-6
Lot TWO New In Bag Amphenol 97-3057-6 Circular Mil Spec AN3062 Cable Clamps.
SKU: 3610
12 Singatron AC-009 IEC AC Power Connectors, 90 Degree PC Mount Dual Grounds
SKU: ts.plugs.21
"Large Lot Of 21 Standard 1/4"" Switchcraft & Neutrik TS Plugs, Used, As Is."
SKU: 3629
"4 New Switchcraft TA5MLX ""Tiny"" Male 5 Pin XLR In Line Cord Mount Connectors CN"
SKU: panpacific.pt066rs
Lot Of 400 New Pan Pacific PT-066RS RJ11 6-Conductor Modular Plugs.
Lot Of Three New Neutrik NL4MPR Panel Mount Speakon Jacks.
SKU: dl.96pin.conn
New 96 pin male DL Connector Complete With Hood, Knob, Etc. Standard DL connector as used in SSL consoles, etc. in excellent condition. We can include crimp pins at additional charge, just ask.
SKU: 3690
"Lot Of FIVE NOS Switchcraft 236 90 Degree Right Angle 1/4"" 3 Conductor Plugs CA"
SKU: neutrik.nl8mprbag
Lot Of THREE New Neutrik NL8MPR-BAG Speakon Amplifier/Speaker Panel Jacks.
SKU: D3M.x25
Lot Of 25 NOS Switchcraft D3M Male XLR Panel Connectors, In Original Boxes.
SKU: 3672
Lot 500 Pieces New Molex 3062061 03-06-2061 6 Pin Male Nylon Connector Shell
SKU: switchcraft.d6m
Lot Of THREE New Switchcraft D6M 6 Conductor Male Panel Mount XLR Jacks.
Lot Of 25 Unused NOS Neutrik NC3MP-B Gold / Black Male XLR Panel Connectors.
SKU: 3748
Qty 25 F-Conn FS6U-RV5 RG6 Universal Nickel Plated F Connectors Green ID Ring CP
SKU: panpacific.pt064rs
Lot Of 200 Pieces Pan Pacific PT-064RS RJ-11 Modular Plugs For Round Cable.
SKU: NC3FB1.x25
Lot 25 Unused NOS Neutrik NC3FP-B-1 Gold / Black Female XLR Panel Connectors.
SKU: 126-195
FOUR Used WPI Wire Pro Cooper Amphenol 126-195 7-Pin Male Connectors.
SKU: probev.xlr.wall
Pro Beveled/Anodized Male & Female XLR Wall Panel with Countersunk Mounting Holes.
SKU: M39029
290+ TE Amplimite Male 22-28 AWG Crimp Pins P/N M39029/58-360 204370-2. Other alias part numbers for this pin are AMP-0-0204370-2 and CJ8670-000. I count 299 pieces, but am calling it 290 to be on the safe side. Gold plated male pins, new perfect cond
SKU: calrad.30-6186
Lot Of 7 New Calrad 30-6186 306186 S-VHS Connectors.
SKU: 126-195
TWO New WPI Wire Pro Cooper 126-195 7-Pin Male Amphenol Type Connectors. New in bags, perfect condition.
"New Switchcraft TA3FX Mini 3-Pin Female ""Tiny"" XLR Connector. "
Qty 100 ICM FS59UV5 RG59 Nickel Plated F Connectors with Yellow ID Ring.
SKU: 030-1952-000
375+ Pieces Cinch Amphenol 030-1952-000 Male Socket Crimp Pins 20-24 AWG.
25 F-Conn FSC6QRCA-G RG6 Universal Nickel Plated RCA Connectors w/Green ID Ring.
SKU: Tower.1061
Vintage Tower 1061 2-Pin Chassis Mount Power Inlet, Appliances, Audio Gear.
SKU: 030-1953-000
500+ Pieces Cinch Amphenol 030-1953-000 Female Socket Crimp Pins 20-24 AWG.
SKU: white.rj45.hood
Huge Lot of 1000 pieces White RJ45 Hood Boot Cap Protector.
SKU: 200-006
24 Pcs. New 200-006 Stern F Perma Seal II Yellow Band Compression Connectors.
Neutrik NADITBNC-F Digital AES BNC To Female XLR Balun Transformer w/Cable.
SKU: 26.4200.16S
Cinch 26-4100-16P Dual 8 Row Male Connector for RCA and other vintage audio gear.
Lot Of 16 NOS Canare BCP-C38 BNC Crimp Coax Connectors.
Neutrik NADITBNC-M Digital AES BNC To Male XLR Balun Transformer With Cable.
ADC PC834 PCB Mount TT Jack W/Normalling Contacts.
ADC GTRK-BS-C12 Pro-Ax Triaxial Male Plug Camera Connector Assembly.