Sony/MCI JH-24 Recorder Parts

Sony/MCI JH-24 Recorder Parts
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SKU: JH.VU.lamp
New 28V 40MA Bi-Pin Lamp for Sony MCI JH-16 JH-24 JH-100 JH-110 Recorders.
New 30 pin male Tuchel connector as used on MCI, Sony, Trident, etc.
SKU: JH24.bias.pcb
Bias Board for MCI Sony JH-24 JH24 deck PC 9000-0148B, Guaranteed
SKU: 3638
8 Sony MCI JH-24 28V 40MA Lamps for Record, Cue Lights
SKU: JH24.repro.pcb
Repro Board for MCI Sony JH-24 JH24 deck PC 9000-0146, Guaranteed
SKU: JH24.record_neutrik.pcb
JH-24 PC 9000-0149 Record Board With Neutrik Input Transformer
SKU: JH24.output.pcb
Output PCB Board for MCI Sony JH-24 JH24 recorder PC 9000-0147.
SKU: JH24.record.pcb
T9413670 Transformer Record PCB Board, For MCI Sony JH-24 PC 9000-0149.
New Replacement Roller Guide Ball Bearing For All MCI Sony JH-100 JH-16 JH-24 JS.
SKU: JH100.record.pcb
Used MCI JH-100 Record Cards, Untested, Sold As Is. JK
SKU: solenoid.drver.jh24
Solenoid Driver Board for MCI Sony JH-16 JH-24 JH-110 JH-100. Good condition, guaranteed to work properly.
SKU: JH100.control.pcb
Used MCI JH-100 Control Card, Untested, Sold As Is. JQ
SKU: JH24.bezel
Mounting Bezel And Hardware for MCI Sony JH100 JH-114 JH-24 Triplett VU Meters.
New Replacement Pinch Roller Ball Bearing For All MCI Sony JH-100 JH-16 JH-24.
Used MCI Triplett VU Meter, Works Well But Very Poor Cosmetics. JV
SKU: JH100.repro.pcb
Used MCI JH-100 Repro Card W/Transformers, Untested, Sold As Is.
SKU: jh24.reel.brake.solenoid
Sony MCI JH-24 Reel Brake Solenoid Assembly. Guaranteed to work properly.
SKU: 3849
Used Sony MCI JH-114 JH-24 Control Logic Board, Clean, Works Well.
SKU: sony.contr.panel
Used Control Panel Assembly with Switches & Lamps for Sony / MCI JH-24.
SKU: 3646
Balanced Sony JH-24 VU Meter Buffer Driver Board, Good for DIY Projects JS
SKU: j24.tapelifter
Used Sony MCI JH-16 JH-24 Shield Solenoid Assembly With Microswitch, Etc.
SKU: AS26-0198-010
Used Reel Turntable for MCI Sony JH-110 Recorders P/N AS26-0198-010. The cork surface is in good condition and the metal pieces are all intact. The item is in good condition.
SKU: dancer.tension.arm
Used Dancer Tension Arm Assembly for Sony MCI JH-24.
SKU: 3851
Used Sony MCI JH-114 JH-24 Pinch Roller Solenoid Assy. JD
SKU: JH24.pinch
"Sony MCI JH-100 JH-16 JH-24 Recorder 2"" Pinch Roller, New Bearing, Good Condition"
SKU: 3853
Used Sony MCI JH-114 JH-24 Tape Break Sensor Assembly JS
SKU: ALII.switch
NOS Autolocator AL II Switch For MCI JH-16 JH-100 JH-114 Multitrack Recorders
Complete Used Tension / MVC Assembly For MCI Sony JH-16 JH-24 JH24 Recorders.
SKU: Woelke2
"Sony MCI JH-16 JH-24 Woelke 2"" 24 Track Erase Head Assembly."
SKU: metal.shield.capstan
For sale is a metal shield for the Sony MCI JH-24 Capstan Motor.
SKU: JH24.tachroller.pcb
Sony MCI JH-114 JH-24 Tach Base Assembly And Roller Guide, Needs New Bearings
SKU: jh114.tach.base
Sony MCI JH-114 JH-24 Tach Base Assembly And Roller Guide.
SKU: sony.lamp.driver
Used Sony MCI JH-114 JH-24 Lampdriver Interface Board, Works.
SKU: 3744
Power / Reference / Speed Switch Assembly For Sony MCI JH-24 Control Panel JS
SKU: 3761
Recapped Sony MCI JH-24 Analog Torque Board, all new Molex Connectors JP
SKU: transport.motherboard
Complete Transport Motherboard for Sony MCI JH-24.
SKU: sony.dancer.arm.jh24
Used Dancer / Tension Arm Assembly with Dashpot for Sony MCI JH-24 recorder.
SKU: 3778
Sony MCI JH-114 JH-24 PLL Phase Lock Loop Board, Works Well, Guaranteed.
SKU: t94816392
Unused Sony/MCI T-9481-639-2 JH-110 Recorder Scrape Flutter Idler Assembly.
SKU: sony.tlsolenoid
For sale is a Sony MCI JH-24 Shield Lifter Solenoid and Arm Assembly.
For sale is a used Audio and Deck Connector Panel for the MCI Sony JH-24 JH24 recorder.
SKU: sony.speedswitch
Used Power / Reference / Speed Switch Assembly for the Sony MCI JH-24.
SKU: JH24.tachguide
Sony MCI JH-114 JH-24 Tach Roller Guide Assembly, Good Condition, Spins Freely.
SKU: dancer.tension.arm
Used Supply Reel Dancer Tension Arm Assembly for Sony MCI JH-24, Good Condition.
SKU: AL.panel
Autolocator, Remote Panel for MCI Sony JH-16 JH-24.
SKU: 3670
JH-24 panel with 2 30-pin Female Tuchel Conn's & cables JM
SKU: JH24.capstan
"Sony MCI JH-24 2"" Capstan Motor, Clean, Runs Smoothly, Good Condition. "
SKU: jh24.remote.dolby.panel
Sony MCI JH-24 Remote / Dolby Panel with Tuchel. Includes female 30-pin Tuchel connector with mounting hardware, and 10 pin female cinch connector. Item has some wear and corrosion.
SKU: 2.jh24.rlr.gde
"Used Left Side 2"" Roller Guide For MCI Sony JH-24 Recorder, Turns Smoothly."
SKU: 3719
NOS DG305J 590-597 IC, Ampex Sony MCI Tape Recorders AP