Sony/MCI JH-24 Recorder Parts

Sony/MCI JH-24 Recorder Parts
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SKU: JH.VU.lamp
New 28V 40MA Bi-Pin Lamp for Sony MCI JH-16 JH-24 JH-100 JH-110 Recorders.
New 30 pin male Tuchel connector as used on MCI, Sony, Trident, etc.
SKU: JH24.bias.pcb
Bias Board for MCI Sony JH-24 JH24 deck PC 9000-0148B, Guaranteed
SKU: JH24.repro.pcb
Repro Board for MCI Sony JH-24 JH24 deck PC 9000-0146, Guaranteed
SKU: 3638
8 Sony MCI JH-24 28V 40MA Lamps for Record, Cue Lights
SKU: JH24.record_neutrik.pcb
JH-24 PC 9000-0149 Record Board With Neutrik Input Transformer
SKU: JH24.output.pcb
Output PCB Board for MCI Sony JH-24 JH24 recorder PC 9000-0147.
SKU: JH24.record.pcb
T9413670 Transformer Record PCB Board, For MCI Sony JH-24 PC 9000-0149.
SKU: JH100.record.pcb
Used MCI JH-100 Record Cards, Untested, Sold As Is. JK
New Replacement Roller Guide Ball Bearing For All MCI Sony JH-100 JH-16 JH-24 JS.
SKU: solenoid.drver.jh24
Solenoid Driver Board for MCI Sony JH-16 JH-24 JH-110 JH-100. Good condition, guaranteed to work properly.
SKU: JH100.control.pcb
Used MCI JH-100 Control Card, Untested, Sold As Is. JQ
Used MCI Triplett VU Meter, Works Well But Very Poor Cosmetics. JV
New Replacement Pinch Roller Ball Bearing For All MCI Sony JH-100 JH-16 JH-24.
SKU: JH24.bezel
Mounting Bezel And Hardware for MCI Sony JH100 JH-114 JH-24 Triplett VU Meters.
SKU: JH100.repro.pcb
Used MCI JH-100 Repro Card W/Transformers, Untested, Sold As Is.
SKU: 3646
Balanced Sony JH-24 VU Meter Buffer Driver Board, Good for DIY Projects JS
SKU: j24.tapelifter
Used Sony MCI JH-16 JH-24 Shield Solenoid Assembly With Microswitch, Etc.
SKU: jh24.reel.brake.solenoid
Sony MCI JH-24 Reel Brake Solenoid Assembly. Guaranteed to work properly.
SKU: AS26-0198-010
Used Reel Turntable for MCI Sony JH-110 Recorders P/N AS26-0198-010. The cork surface is in good condition and the metal pieces are all intact. The item is in good condition.
SKU: 3849
Used Sony MCI JH-114 JH-24 Control Logic Board, Clean, Works Well.
SKU: sony.contr.panel
Used Control Panel Assembly with Switches & Lamps for Sony / MCI JH-24.
Complete Used Tension / MVC Assembly For MCI Sony JH-16 JH-24 JH24 Recorders.
SKU: Woelke2
"Sony MCI JH-16 JH-24 Woelke 2"" 24 Track Erase Head Assembly."
SKU: metal.shield.capstan
For sale is a metal shield for the Sony MCI JH-24 Capstan Motor.
SKU: JH24.tachroller.pcb
Sony MCI JH-114 JH-24 Tach Base Assembly And Roller Guide, Needs New Bearings
SKU: jh114.tach.base
Sony MCI JH-114 JH-24 Tach Base Assembly And Roller Guide.
SKU: sony.lamp.driver
Used Sony MCI JH-114 JH-24 Lampdriver Interface Board, Works.
SKU: 3744
Power / Reference / Speed Switch Assembly For Sony MCI JH-24 Control Panel JS
SKU: 3761
Recapped Sony MCI JH-24 Analog Torque Board, all new Molex Connectors JP
SKU: transport.motherboard
Complete Transport Motherboard for Sony MCI JH-24.
SKU: sony.dancer.arm.jh24
Used Dancer / Tension Arm Assembly with Dashpot for Sony MCI JH-24 recorder.
SKU: 3778
Sony MCI JH-114 JH-24 PLL Phase Lock Loop Board, Works Well, Guaranteed.
SKU: sony.tlsolenoid
For sale is a Sony MCI JH-24 Shield Lifter Solenoid and Arm Assembly.
SKU: dancer.tension.arm
Used Dancer Tension Arm Assembly for Sony MCI JH-24.
SKU: 3851
Used Sony MCI JH-114 JH-24 Pinch Roller Solenoid Assy. JD
SKU: JH24.pinch
"Sony MCI JH-100 JH-16 JH-24 Recorder 2"" Pinch Roller, New Bearing, Good Condition"
SKU: 3853
Used Sony MCI JH-114 JH-24 Tape Break Sensor Assembly JS
SKU: ALII.switch
NOS Autolocator AL II Switch For MCI JH-16 JH-100 JH-114 Multitrack Recorders
SKU: AL.panel
Autolocator, Remote Panel for MCI Sony JH-16 JH-24.
SKU: 3670
JH-24 panel with 2 30-pin Female Tuchel Conn's & cables JM
SKU: JH24.capstan
"Sony MCI JH-24 2"" Capstan Motor, Clean, Runs Smoothly, Good Condition. "
SKU: jh24.remote.dolby.panel
Sony MCI JH-24 Remote / Dolby Panel with Tuchel. Includes female 30-pin Tuchel connector with mounting hardware, and 10 pin female cinch connector. Item has some wear and corrosion.
SKU: 2.jh24.rlr.gde
"Used Left Side 2"" Roller Guide For MCI Sony JH-24 Recorder, Turns Smoothly."
SKU: 3719
NOS DG305J 590-597 IC, Ampex Sony MCI Tape Recorders AP
"Complete Left Side 2"" Roller Guide Assembly MCI Sony JH-24 Recorder, Used."
Sony MCI JH-24 Heavy Duty Caster.
SKU: jh24.tuchel.remote
Sony MCI JH-24 Remote / Dolby Panel w/Tuchel and Cables.
SKU: 3762
Refurbished Audio (Electronics) Power Supply, MCI Sony JH-24 Recorder, Tested JZ
Sony MCI JH-24 Complete Reel Motor & Tachometer Assembly.