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New Cinemag CM-DBX Direct Box Transformer
Cinemag CMQEE-3440A Moving Coil Cartridge Step Up Transformer
SKU: CMLI-1515B2
Cinemag CMLI-15/15B2 Input Transformer, suitable for LA2A Clones and other tube circuits.
SKU: 649.Term
649 Ohm Termination Resistor Assy For Vintage Transformer Outputs
TWO Cinemag CMQEE-3440A Moving Coil Phono Cartridge Shielded Stepup Transformers
SKU: CM-1254
Cinemag 1254 Enhanced Moving Coil Cartridge Transformer (CMQEE-3440A Upgrade)
SKU: pow.trans.la2a
New power transformer for all versions of the UREI, UA, and Teletronix LA2A.
SKU: CM-2480
New Cinemag CM-2480 Uncased Twin Bobbin Tube Microphone Output Transformer
SKU: 22.0022
Unused UA 22-0022 Tube Power Supply Transformer With 7, 42, And 240 VAC Secondaries. This transformer was used in the 2-LA-2 dual limiter. Primary can be strapped for 100, 120, or 240 volts. The transformer secondaries include: 7 VAC @ 5.4 amps. Th
SKU: CM-1254-PC
Cinemag 1254-PC Enhanced Moving Coil Cartridge Transformer (CMQEE-3440A Type)
SKU: CM-3303PC
Cinemag CM-3303 PC Mount UTC O-12 Type Input Transformer, For DIY UREI 1176LN
SKU: magnetika.012.used
Used replacement Magnetika O-12 input transformer, for the UREI black face 1176LN revisions A through F and the UA 1176LN.
SKU: JE.6110K.B
Used Jensen JE-6110K-B Shielded Bridging 10K-600 Ohm Line Input Transformer.
SKU: Mardis.A3D426
Vintage Mardis A3D426 Ultra Shielded 1:1 Can Input Transformer For DIY, Etc.
SKU: Sola
NOS Sola 20-04-30-1 6.3V Constant Voltage Transformer for Fairchild 670, etc. SX
SKU: JE.123.S
Jensen JE-123-S Quadfilar 600 Ohm Line Output Transformer, 1:1 or 1:2 Ratio.
SKU: H3000.power.xfmr
NOS Alternate Eventide H3000 Power Transformer, For Quieter 50 Hz. Operation.
SKU: eventide.130020
Used Eventide 130020 1:2 PC Mount Output Transformer for the FL-201 Flanger, 6db Gain.
Used Jensen JE-123-SPC PC Mount Quadfilar 600 Ohm Line Output Transformer.
SKU: Dual.xfmr.pcb
Dual Mounting / Breakout PCB For Cinemag / Jensen 8-Pin Input Transformers.
SKU: CM-13101
Cinemag CM-13101 Mic Output Transformer For Neumann U47 FET & Similar Models.
SKU: cinemag.cm_3303
Cinemag 3303 UTC O-12 type Input Transformer For DIY UREI 1176 & 1176LN.
SKU: cinemag.cm9888u
New Cinemag CM-9888U uncased twin bobbin ribbon mic output transformer for the RCA 44 and other ribbon microphones.
SKU: utco12.trans2
New in box original UTC O-12 input transformer, for the UREI black face 1176LN revisions A through F and the UA 1176LN.
SKU: 3862
Western Electric REP111C 80NC11 Repeating Coil Transformer, Transformer King! TR
SKU: PS101.power
Used Power Transformer For Eventide PS-101 Instant Phaser, Works.
SKU: 3861
Western Electric REP111C 10/49 Repeating Coil Transformer, Transformer King! TR
SKU: 6602
New Carnhill VTB1982 / LO1166 Output Transformer For Neve 1073 1084 1272 Etc.
SKU: 6619
New In Box Triad C-7X 10 Henry 90 ma Filter Choke Inductor, 270 Ohms DCR.
SKU: JT.123.A
Unused Jensen JT-123-A Quadfilar 600 Ohm Steel Core Line Output Transformer.
SKU: 500vct.pwr.trans
NOS Triad R-4A 500VCT 6.3VCT Power Transformer For Tube Gear, Wires Need Repair.
SKU: JE.11.6
"Used Jensen JE-11P-6 600-600 Ohm ""Repeating"" Line Input Transformer. Ideal for vintage and DIY-vintage 600 ohm input equipment, or for isolation of tie line inputs. A mounting bracket and screws are included. We'll also include a datasheet showing wir
SKU: 6662
NOS Sola #80117 Constant Voltage Transformer w/1.2UF 660VAC Cap.
NOS Jensen JE-10KB-C 4:1 +4 to -10 Step Down Bridging Line Input Transformer.
SKU: ARW.101.13342
Vintage ARW 101/13342 Quality 1:2 6db Gain Dolby Output Transformer DIY Etc.
Used Jensen JE-DB-E Dual Faraday Shield Direct Box Unbal-Bal Transformer.
SKU: CM-2510
Cinemag CM-2510 8:1 Step Down Output Transformer For Condenser Mics, Uncased
SKU: 4551-800
NOS White Model 4551-800 Plug In Filter Crossover For EQ's, 800 Hz. Crossover.
Canare BCJ-XP-TRB Digital AES Balun BNC-XLR Male Transformer.
SKU: Single.xfmr.pcb
New Mounting / Breakout PCB For Cinemag / Jensen 8-Pin Input Transformers.
Cinemag CMQEE-3440APC Moving Coil Phono Cartridge PCB Mount Stepup Transformer.
SKU: LP.1A017
NOS LP Transformers #1A017 117 to 36 + 36 VAC 300 Ma. Toroidal Transformer.
SKU: b.12925
Used UREI B-12925 Power Transformer, used in various UREI models, guaranteed good.
SKU: CM-9888
New Cinemag CM-9888 Twin Bobbin Ribbon Mic Output Transformer For RCA 44 Etc
New Cinemag CMOB-2S 600 Ohm 1:1 Bifilar Nickel-Steel Output Transformer.
SKU: 6661
NOS Sola #71333 60 Hz. Constant Voltage 600V/6.3V/5V Transformer w/1UF 660VAC Capacitor, for vacuum tube applications. Primary is 110 VAC.
SKU: Sola.2014815
Sola 20-14-815 Constant Voltage Regulating Transformer 125VAC .127A Output.
SKU: 6620
Unused Triad F-119X Power Transformer, 117 VAC Primary, 26.8 VCT 150ma Secondary.
SKU: 3657
Eventide H949 Power Transformer used, works, warranty
Canare BCJ-XP-TRB Digital AES Balun BNC-XLR Male Transformer w/BNC Cable.