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SKU: 4POLEmini
5.0 Out Of 5 (5.0 on 1)
4 pole 4PDT mini push switch for dbx 160x, dbx 166, etc.
SKU: 2POLEmini
2 pole 2PDT mini push switch for dbx 160x and other gear.
In our capacity as a dbx service center and specialist in vintage dbx gear, we have had many inqiuries over the years
SKU: 6POLEmini
6 pole mini push switch for dbx 166 Stereo Couple and other gear.
SKU: 2PDT.power
2PDT Schadow type Power Switch for dbx, etc.
New DBX Single Rack Mount Kit for dbx 160 (160VU) and 161 limiters
SKU: 3650
dbx 202C Gold Can VCA Module for dbx cards, SSL MCI Sony etc Tested, Warranty DE
SKU: dbx.vca.module
dbx 200 (also known as model 7) VCA assembly, used, tested guaranteed.
dbx 160VU Motherboard, No VCA or RMS Module, As Is For Parts / Repair / DIY.
SKU: dbx.160.VU
New Exact Replacement VU Meter & Lamp For dbx 160S, 160SL Compressor.
SKU: 146221
Unused dbx 260550 146221 8-Pin DIP Precision Rectifier Assy for 902 903 904 Etc.
SKU: 365031
dbx 3-6503-1 160a 160x 166 Power Transformer Compressors Tested Guaranteed.
SKU: dbx.903
dbx 903 Over Easy Compressor Limiter, Tested, Serviced, Works Great, Guaranteed.
SKU: 50k.163
50K Linear PCB Mount D Shaft Pot For dbx 163, Other Models.
SKU: dbx.119.panels
Front and Rear Panels for dbx 119 Decilinear Compressor, Good Condition. Used, good condition.
6 NOS DFO516 Alternating DPDT Switches For Soundcraft Sapphire, Other Models.
SKU: dbx.929
dbx 929 Single Ended Dual Hiss Reduction / Noise Reduction Module Guaranteed.
SKU: dbx.904
dbx 904 Noise Gate, Tested, Serviced, Works Great, Guaranteed.