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SKU: 4POLEmini
5.0 Out Of 5 (5.0 on 1)
4 pole 4PDT mini push switch for dbx 160x, dbx 166, etc.
SKU: 2POLEmini
2 pole 2PDT mini push switch for dbx 160x and other gear.
SKU: 6POLEmini
6 pole mini push switch for dbx 166 Stereo Couple and other gear.
In our capacity as a dbx service center and specialist in vintage dbx gear, we have had many inqiuries over the years
SKU: 2PDT.power
2PDT Schadow type Power Switch for dbx, etc.
SKU: 3650
dbx 202C Gold Can VCA Module for dbx cards, SSL MCI Sony etc Tested, Warranty DE
New DBX Single Rack Mount Kit for dbx 160 (160VU) and 161 limiters
SKU: dbx.vca.module
dbx 200 (also known as model 7) VCA assembly, used, tested guaranteed.
dbx 160VU Motherboard, No VCA or RMS Module, As Is For Parts / Repair / DIY.
SKU: dbx.160.VU
New Exact Replacement VU Meter & Lamp For dbx 160S, 160SL Compressor.
SKU: 146221
Unused dbx 260550 146221 8-Pin DIP Precision Rectifier Assy for 902 903 904 Etc.
SKU: dbx.904
dbx 904 Noise Gate, Tested, Serviced, Works Great, Guaranteed.
SKU: 50k.163
50K Linear PCB Mount D Shaft Pot For dbx 163, Other Models.
SKU: dbx.119.panels
Front and Rear Panels for dbx 119 Decilinear Compressor, Good Condition. Used, good condition.
6 NOS DFO516 Alternating DPDT Switches For Soundcraft Sapphire, Other Models.
SKU: dbx.929
dbx 929 Single Ended Dual Hiss Reduction / Noise Reduction Module Guaranteed.
SKU: dbx.903
dbx 903 Over Easy Compressor Limiter, Tested, Serviced, Works Great, Guaranteed.