Gotham bulk cable

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SKU: 10202
Here is a spool of foil shielded installation cable using 7 x 0.20 mm tinned wires for IDT.
SKU: 10301S
Here is a spool of professional installation cable with small diameter, PE-insulation for low capacity.
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SKU: 10660 GAC-2 CE AES
Here is a spool of Gotham 10660 GAC-2 CE AES Halogenfree cable for digtial transmission
SKU: 20101 GAC-7 tube
Here is a spool of Gotham 20101 GAC-7 Tube Specially designed microphone cable for tube microphones
SKU: 10669 GAC-2/DMX+ 2x1.5 mm
Here is a spool of Gotham 10669 GAC-2 DMX + 2x1.5 mm Digital DMX cable Black
SKU: 11510 Hybrid GAC4/1&3x1.00mm
Here is a spool of Gotham 11510 Hybrid Cable GAC-4/1 & 3 x 1.00mmå_ & balanced audio signal line.
SKU: 50xDIP.16
"Lot 50 Pieces 9.5"" Ribbon Cables With 16-Pin Male Gold Plated DIP Connectors."